The 1932 rehang

The following is the text of an article with appeared in The Ringing World dated 22 July 1932.

Brasted bells rehung


The bells of the Parish Church of St Martin, Brasted, Kent, have not been properly rung for some years, owing to the bad state of the bearings. There did not appear to be much chance of putting them in order until recently Mrs Brightling, of Brasted, offered to meet the cost of rehanging in memory of her husband. The Parochial Church Council gladly accepted the offer, and decided to have them tuned at the same time. The present six bells were cast in 1881 from six which were cast in 1730. These former six were probably cast from four larger bells, judging from the evidence of the old timber frame. There is a "post" frame to hold four bells of larger diameter than the present back four, with two pits for the trebles obviously added in the 18th century.

The bells have been rehung on ball bearings in the old frame, the old clapper staples have been drilled out and the clappers adjusted, and the bells very much improved by tuning by Messrs Mears and Stainbank.

The bells were rededicated by the Bishop of Rochester before a large congregation during choral evensong on the afternoon of Sunday 26 June. Immediately after the rededication and before the sermon by the Bishop, 120 Stedman Doubles were rung, 360 Bob Minor was rung as the congregation came out, and, later, a date touch of Minor. This consisted of 720 Cambridge Surprise, 720 Kent Treble Bob and 492 Bob Minor, rung by: Dr E L Taylor 1, F M Mitchell 2, Mrs E K Fletcher 3, Stafford H Green 4, E H Lewis (conductor) 5, G W Fletcher 6.

Brasted has not in living memory been a change ringing tower. It was, therefore, desirable to avoid anything in the nature of a "practice", and to take care that the change ringing was struck at least as well as the best call change ringing to which the village had been accustomed in the past. It is hoped later to have an open day on which visitors may sample this very handy six with a tenor just under 10½ cwt.

A cast bronze tablet, recording the gift of Mrs Brightling, has been placed at the base of the tower.

[The bronze tablet is now in the ringing chamber, above the stairs leading to the clock and bells.]

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