Can you help? More ringers are needed at St Martin's


Would you or some of your family like to join us?

You would be joining in an activity like no other. There is duty involved of course and appearing on Sunday mornings is important, though attending every service for which you ring is not essential. We practise on Friday evenings. Beyond that there are opportunities to go on ringing outings, ring for special occasions, join in with other bands of ringers and ring in some amazing places. Ringers are an extremely mixed bunch covering all ages and walks of life, but they have two things in common — enthusiasm and friendliness.

Ringing is just tremendous fun

First you’ll learn to control a bell swinging around nearly 50 feet above your head, using only a piece of rope. Strange as it may seem this is quite easy when you know how. Once you can do this, you can move on to ringing it in time with other people, and then to learning change ringing.

Unlike most worthwhile skills, ringing tuition comes entirely free.

Qualifications needed:

Get in touch with Catherine Lewis to find out more: (01959 563767,