View of bells

Welcome to the website of the ringers at St Martin's church, Brasted in Kent (aka the Brasted Ringing Company).

The photo on the left shows, in the foreground, the 1580 timber frame and, in the background, the 2015 steel frame. The bells in the timber frame are, left to right, tenor, 7th, 3rd and 4th. The two in the steel frame above are the 6th and the 5th. The heaviest is the tenor at 9.5 cwt.



 The ringers and ringing

The old rules on the board in the ringing chamber are dated 1855 (see panel on the left), so we reckon we can reliably trace the origins of the Brasted Ringing Company back to at least that date. Hence also the title of this site.

We currently have a band of about ten ringers, but everyone is not always available. So we could do with some more recruits. Visitors, ringers or not, are always very welcome. Contact is Catherine Lewis (cmlewis339@gmail.com, 01959 563767)

Our regular ringing times are Sunday mornings 9.15 -10 for the service, and practice night 7.45 - 9.30 on Fridays.

Most of the current members of the Brasted band are members of The Kent County Association of Change Ringers, the body which co-ordinates ringing activities in the county of Kent. The KCACR has its own website at www.kcacr.org.uk. If you would like to find out more about ringing in Kent, please try this site — it has a lot of information about all aspects of ringing.

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